Highways Director Cautions Heavy Duty Truck Operators To Reduce Gross Weght

The Ashanti Regional Director Of Ghana High Ways Authority Mr. Joseph Atsu, is advising heavy duty truck operators to comply with the rules and regulations of Ghana roads in accordance with the road traffic regulation 2012 to help increase the lifespan of our road duration.

He said most deplorable nature, of our roads in the country is due to excess weight and excessive pressure from these heavy trucks on the roads networks, which contributes to the reduction of the lasting periods of the roads as expected.

The law enforce on Ghana‘s roads in accordance with the traffic regulations 2012 (LI 2180), the allowable axle load limits and overloading of heavy trucks.

In 2013, the allowable maximum gross weight o haulage vehicles on our roads explained that, from vehicles with 2 axles to articulators with 6 axles can load a gross weigh between 21tonnes to 60tonnes. However, this was revised with new gross weight in 2014 enforced from 1st January same year stating that with 2 axles to articulators with 6 axles can load a gross weigh between 21tonnes to 60tonnes, should be weigh from 18tonnes to 51tonnes, with allowable height of 4.5meters and width, 2.55.

Mr. Atsu discloses all this when speaking in an interview with modernghana.com in Kumasi. According to him, every road is award for contracts with specific lifespan of the roads, but if the weight pressure exert on the roads exceed what they are for, it reduces the strength of road,

He is therefore, advising all heavy truck operators to comply with the set rules and regulations by the highways authorities and the constitution of the motherland. He said, this will help the government to spend money on unexpected budget to repair roads.

Meanwhile, he says the highways authorities have implement punitive measures to check on fraudsters of the law in the region. He said, operators who take excess of the gross weight from 1.0 to 8.5 will pay between Ghc100 and Ghc5, 000, to serve as punishment in other to avoid excess pressure on our road.

However, the regional axle load coordinator, Very Rev. Kwaku Osei Kusi adding to this said, the regional highways authority has also set axle load station on major high way checkpoints at Asuoyeboah, Boankra, Asokwa and mobile axle van that roam checking on vehicles that try swerving the check stations.

He said, it is difficult to see the physical impact the axle load pressure have on the roads but really goes a long way affecting it because, because roads that was built for a lasting periods of 30 years will automatically reduce to either 20 to 15 years.

In effects, these affect the economy and the government seeking another grants or loan to repair the roads. Adding that, if Ghanaians will all comply with the rules, it will save government spending for repairs and focus on other untouched roads in other developing constituencies and communities.

He explain that, they use various equipment to check on vehicles that takes overload through the use of element such us weigh pad, bridge permanent scale and weighing motion.

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