High taxes stifling businesses in Ghana Otabil

Head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensa Otabil has bemoaned the high taxes on businesses in the country.

According to him, the steep nature of Ghanaian taxes makes it difficult for entrepreneurs and businesses in the country to expand and reach their full potential.

Speaking at the grand finale of the Springboard road show Saturday, the outspoken preacher said : “For a nation to be great, its laws have to facilitate growth. You cannot overtax businesses and kill them and hope them to survive at the same time; it doesn’t work that way”.

He continued: “I asked this question sometime ago on this same platform: If Mark Zuckerberg was a Ghanaian and had the idea of Facebook, would his idea have thrived? If Steve Jobs had the great idea of Apple and was a thriving computer engineer in Kokomlemle, would he have built that world class brand? I don’t know. But it seems to me all of us are [in agreement] it would have been extraordinary for them to have succeeded. So, what’s the difference between Mark Zuckerberg and you [audience], Steve Jobs and you? It’s not brains, it’s the Sulphur, it’s the environment,” he answered.

“That is why for most of you young men, don’t just focus on your dreams, demand for the right environment to be created also, and the right environment is not NPP or NDC; parties don’t govern nations, laws and policies govern nations. Go beyond party names and start examining policies and demanding policies that will make you thrive, so that if you want to set up a business, your business can thrive. Because if we don’t do that we’ll waste our talents, we’ll waste our gift; we’ll be world class but play at the village level. And it has nothing to do with your dreams or your talent, it has all to do with the environment. We have to force the politicians to think of us, and to think of our lives, and to think of our future, and to think of our dreams. And the only way to do that is for you to start thinking, not in party terms, but in policy terms and making sure that the laws that govern your industry favour you because if that doesn’t happen, dreamers will die with their dream unrealized”.


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