Herty Borngreat Out of Ghana Music Awards!

Even though reigning Ghana Music Awards “Gospel Artiste of year” Herty Borngreat has an album which falls within the VGMA calendar year and she qualifies to be part of this year’s awards, her name may be out of the nomination list this year.

The beautiful singer wrote on her Facebook wall that she will not pick up a nomination form to be part of this year’s 15th Ghana Music Awards “I have decided not to pick a form for 2014 Ghana Music Awards which I know I deserve a lot of awards this year. I am advancing my academic (Doing my masters) and need no divided attention. I wish all my colleagues who may contest this year all the best. You should take it cool but mind you on my return God willing with hard work I’m going to sweep everything including the overall Artiste of the Year and even BET. Love you all”, she wrote to her fans.

The “Bebree” singer confirmed this in an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” that she would not officially pick up a form for the upcoming awards. Herty said she is opting out for personal reasons. She said she is pursuing her education outside the country and her responsibilities as a mother of six, as wife and as a ‘sofomaame’ would not give her ample time to participate actively in the awards and the publicity that come with it.

“I want to further my education. I am perusing my MBA which I started last year but this I have added French and Spanish to it this year and this is making me extra busy. Every day I get several messages on Facebook from a lot of my fans asking me if I am not going to submit my album for VGMA. They are my fans and I believe that if I let them know what is going on it will be better for all of us”.

Herty said she decided to do this officially so that her fans wouldn’t be disappointed if the list of nominees come out and her name is not part of it. “So I wrote on my Facebook wall that this year I have decided that I will not pick a form the VGMAs. Am not saying that I should be taken out I was just speaking to my fans because they asked me and I wanted them to”.

She explained that aside being nominated there are a lot of things one must do like communicating with your fans on all platforms to vote for you, doing an entire publicity campaign and being part of all activities that comes with the awards like the official launch, the nominees jams before the main awards night, which she said she would not have the time to go through.

“Let me use your platform to tell everybody that I will not get time for all that. I have a lot to do and you know that if I am doing something I don’t want to do it anyhow. That is why this time I am informing everyone that if you don’t see me in it, it is because I am busy”.

Asked if she is not doing this because she is scared she might not be nominated or even if she is nominated she might not win; Herty had a good laugh and said “I am not scared of anything because I understand the awards system very much I know that if you are nominated you need to do extra publicity and I will do the publicity when I want it”.

She however stated that even though she will not pick a form, if the VGMA board decides to nominate her fair enough. “I know members of the board are very knowledgeable about what goes on in the industry so if they nominate me that is fine but the most important thing is that I have made my fans aware that I would not be able to follow up with extra work and publicity but for the board, I can’t stop them from doing their job but that is what I want and this is what I have decided to do”.

Herty Borngreat was born Henrietta Konadu and is a native of Mampong Nsuta in the Ashanti Region. The only child of her parents, Herty Borngreat is the mother of four girls and a boy. She had her basic education at Peter’s Educational Complex in Kumasi. She had her secondary education at Polo Scholastic in Italy and then to Austin University in Birmingham in the UK. She is presently perusing her MBA in the United States.

She is inspired and challenged to take Ghana gospel music to higher levels and her philanthropic passion has been towards kayaye (street porters) in Ghana.

In 2013, Herty released her third successful album, ‘Mystery’, which received heavy rotation on radio, TV and online. In the same year, she also put up several performances and launched the maiden edition of her gospel musical concert dubbed “Be My Guest”.


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Herty Borngreat Out of Ghana Music Awards!

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