Health Ministry denies plot to delay doctors’ condition of service negotiations

The Health Ministry has denied engaging in any plots to delay negotiations for doctors’ conditions of service.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) over the weekend threatened to go on strike if conditions of service for its members are not negotiated and signed by the end of this month.

At a news conference Sunday, the doctors said the public must not blame them if they withdraw services after June.

The doctors claim government has started some machinations to absolve itself of blame if the June 30 deadline is not met.

But Public Relations Officer of the Health Ministry, Tony Goodman says government has no such intentions.

He said the GMA has failed to submit a document required to proceed with the negotiation process.

“We are only waiting as a Ministry for them to submit that document that they have been working on so that we will go into the second phase which is the negotiation stage.

“The first meeting we had, we presented a document where various comments, suggestions and inputs were made and we have given the document to a group led by the GMA to go and look at the document to finalise it and bring it to us and then we will also look at it and go into the next stage. We have not received the document so how do we proceed with the process?” he quizzed.

He said allegations that the ministry is plotting a delay the process are unfounded because the “Ministry is ready to proceed with discussions with the Ministry of Employment as soon as the document is delivered”.

Since the document has not been submitted, the Ministry cannot be blamed for the delays in the negotiation process, he added.

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