Haulage transporters protest new axle load regulations

Members of the Ghana Haulage Transport Owners Association (GHATOA) from across the country will converge in Kumasi on Friday, January 31 to begin protestation against government’s new Axle Load Regulations.

The group is kicking against the 60 tonnes maximum axle load limit allowed for a 16-axle truck which came into effect from January 1, 2014 as part of the Road Traffic Regulation 2012..

The Ministry of Roads and Highways, acting through the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) granted a month grace period to engage interest groups on implementation of the legislative instrument (L.I.2180).

As enforcement of the regulations takes off on February 1, the haulage drivers complain their concerns put forward to the sector ministry have been disregarded.

Spokesperson, Nana Nyamaafie Baako Apem, says the interest of Ghanaian haulage operators must be protected by suspending the 60 tonne allowable limit until the regime is harmonized across the West African sub-region.

“We want our drivers to understand that they can park the trucks anywhere they are harassed at the axle weighing point until government heeds to the 68 tonne limit allowed by authorities in Niger, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast,” he told Luv Fm.

The GHA has indicated that “the tolerance has been removed and therefore vehicles carrying loads beyond the Allowable Limited would shed off the excess load and pay the new overloading fees.”

Nana Ampem however says the GHATOA would resist the new regulation until the disparity in the regulatory regime at the sub-region level is addressed to keep Ghanaians in business.

There are about 20,000 haulage trucks operating in Ghana.

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