Has Nana Akomea Really Resigned As NPP Communications Director?

It is unclear if Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akomea, has really resigned from his position.

In an earlier message posted on his facebook wall, Nana Akomea thanked his colleagues for their co-operation during the period he occupied the position.

I stood down as NPP director of 2012 campaign communications last Friday 13 sept. I will now happily respond to ‘former director’. I am grateful to all my colleagues–deputy directors and members of the communications team–for the very good relationship we have enjoyed.

“As for success, we missed our ultimate aim of winning the elections. But we surely put in our best in the face of the gargantuan resources available to our opponents. There is every hope the result will be positive next time, given the ever increasing, never ending hardship the mass of our people continue to suffer. The battle is still the Lords,” he posted on his facebook wall.

However, a few hours after that, the former Okai-koi South Member of Parliament (MP) appears to beat a sharp retreat by offering to expatiate further on the issue.

A little clarification: I have not resigned from my position. The position of ‘campaign communications director’ has lapsed with the formal wounding up of the campaign. There is therefore no resignation, and no need for any excitement or panic“.

For now, it remains to be seen if the former MP, who was appointed Director of Communications for the NPP in its 2012 Campaign in January 2011, has indeed resigned or just a pun on words.


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Has Nana Akomea Really Resigned As NPP Communications Director?

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