Happy Birthday Ghana: 59 photos of Ghana@59 celebration

The last time 6th March fell on a Sunday was 2011.

You would have thought that a religious Sunday stood as a direct threat to the celebration of 59th Independence Day celebration.

But there would be no evidence of this at the Black Stars Square today.

It was a very youthful celebration. Only a veneer of older folks. Maybe they were tired. Tired of a routine without results, tired of hope, retreating in their expectation for younger waves of optimism to flood the Independence Square.

After a week of a presidency under attack and on the attack, it was really refreshing to meet Ghanaians united in their celebration of Independence Day.

Teens and school children who had no idea about the GDP numbers, had a good idea of why they were at the Square. Ghana is 59years. One march for my school, one march for Ghana.

Nice socks…would you like one of these for work?

Predictably the simmering sun timed out some of the students from continuing with the celebration. They collapsed. Perhaps their first scars for Ghana. Of course, they should expect a hearty tease from their colleagues come Tuesday.

Yet each collapsing student was a metaphor of resilience in the sun. Can the Ghanaian give his last drop of faith and steadfast hope in the blistering time of national challenge or if you like the opposition version – a national crisis?

And perhaps even more ardent were foreign nationals who joined in.

They could be seen in threes and fours soaking in very piece of the celebration. Ghanaians would soak up the economy later on Monday. But today, let’s all soak in the sun.

The military display included some dropping out of the skies in some movie-style rescue operation.

You always felt proud of the military. And seeing a female soldier always had a certain exciting tinge. They were beauty in the beast.

You could see there is a deliberate attempt to showcase the feminine feel in the security forces. And it worked. Fierce feminity, fatal beauties trained into beasts of war.

A set of Ghana’s most hilarious actors joined the march. Nobody expected them to look coordinated. And so they weren’t. But from the look on Papa Nii’s face and figure, everyday ought to be an Independence Day Parade for him if he is to trim the imposing one-pack into anything like a six-pack.

After a routine inspection and a march, the President was remarkably brief.

Let’s just say this is unisex

Coming from an over 3-hour monologue at the State of the Nation Address, 15-minutes today was great for those who braced the sun. The applause for him included a thank-you for being brief. But it included a recognition that we had reached the high point of the celebration.

And it was a good speech too.
Except for the point about that the 1957 vision of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – to demonstrate to the world and other nations that we are prepared to lay our own foundation and our own African personality – has been fulfilled.

[R] NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia

President Rawlings remembered that he is a product of Achimota School

President Rawlings and Accra regional Police PRO Efia Tenge

President John Kufuor

Gospel music star ‘DSP Kofi Sarpong’ returned to his professional duties as SP Kofi Sarpong

TV3 photojournalist Shiela Ayerki Nanor

NDC National Vice-Chair Antia De-sooso ‘bodyguards’ embattled NDC Parliamentary candidate for Klottey Korle Zanetor Rawlings.

[Middle] Veteran NDC politician ET Mensah

Foreign minister Hannah Serwaa Tetteh

The Independence Square was a place for lot of brisk business. But salvation was still free.

President Kufuor, former First Lady Nana Agyeman Rawlings and President Rawlings – isn’t that beautiful to behold?

The man who wants to give the next Independence Day speech, the 2016 NPP flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo was there.

President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta was the special guest of honour

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