H4P Crew to stage ‘To Love Again’ in aid of disability advocacy

They are only four years old and yet they have become major force to reckon with when it comes to live stage drama productions in Ghana.

One of the things that make their productions outstanding is the incredible melodious tunes that they embellish their stories with. That explains why they describe their productions as melo-drama i.e. drama interspersed with melody.

The beauty of their creativity expressed in their stories, their impeccable diction, immaculate clothing line and the remarkable stage designs at each production are just astonishing.

They serve their audiences with a cocktail of emotions: suspense, shocks, uncontrollable laughter, but to mention a few. There is always a lot to exhilarate their audiences in spite of whatever emotional state they enter the auditorium with.

Inarguably, it is only the H4P Crew who fit the above mentioned description.

Some drama faithfuls have described them as “Messengers of Love” due to the tremendous lessons and realities of love that the H4P Crew brought to the fore when they staged “Guilty Or Not Guilty?”, “The Price For Peace”, “Till Love Do Us Part”, “Nothing But The Truth”, “The Enemy Within”, etc.

What even gives more credence to the nickname “Messengers of Love” is the extreme love that the H4P Crew and the H4P Organization continually extend towards persons with disability through their special disability advocacy.

The H4P Organization, a Ghana-based NGO, has developed a number of projects to promote the participation and inclusion of persons with disability at both local and national levels.

Amongst these projects is the “Helping Hand TV Show” which is currently the only TV show in Ghana that is exclusively dedicated to educating the populace on disability issues and empowering persons with disability to contribute their quota to national development.

The impact of the Helping Hand TV show has been phenomenal over the years and has served as great motivation to the disabled community in Ghana.

Also on the list is the “Helping Hand Community Project” which, amongst other things, provides assistance to persons with disability and disability groups who contact the H4P Organization for help.

A number of special education schools, families and individuals have been supported under this project. These projects are ultimately aimed at bringing dignity to disability.

The H4P Crew stages their melodrama concerts as part of fundraising activities to support these projects and to demonstrate their love to persons with disability.

In view of this, the H4P Crew will be premiering another love story titled “To Love Again” in a concert dubbed “Adom Concert”.

The “Adom Concert” will happen live at the National Theater on June 13, 2015.

“To Love Again” is a story of a young man, Fiifi Morrison, who loses the love of his life, Edna, just a week to their long awaited wedding ceremony. Edna disappears and every attempt made to find her is to no avail, leaving Fiifi in a state of confusion and dispiritedness.

What has really happened to Edna? What happens to Fiifi? What will happen to their love?

Join the dynamic H4P Crew, Ghana’s most exciting Quartet, as they unravel the puzzle of Edna’s disappearance and more.

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