GYEEDA rot: Akomea denies being fingered; accuses gov’t of collusion to defraud

A former Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South has denied being fingered in the damning report by the Economic and Organised Crimes Office on the rot in the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Agency.

Nana Akomea told he was neither contacted by the EOCO during the investigations nor was he cited for wrong doing in the final report issued by EOCO.

“I don’t know anybody at EOCO. I don’t know the EOCO office. I have never seen anybody at EOCO,”

“The report is there. The report clearly identified the rot and how it came about. I haven’t seen my name,” he told

Deputy Information Minister, Murtala Mohammed had accused Nana Akomea of criminality by supervising interns under the NYEP to teach in private schools. He would rather the interns were limited to teaching in public schools.

On newsfile, a lawyer and a member of the NDC Abraham Amaliba mentioned Nana Akomea as one of the officials of the NPP who supervised the rot in GYEEDA which was then the National Youth Employment Programme.

“Na who cause am?” he stated, pointing fingers at Nana Akomea and the NPP accusing them of implementing the then NYEP without the necessary laws backing it.

Information Minister, Mahama Ayariga also partly blamed the rot in GYEEDA on the absence of a legal framework to regulate activities of the programme.

But speaking to, Nana Akomea stated that legal framework arguement is ridiculous.

“How can that be? You go and pay 2 million dollars for no work done and you say there is no law? There is the financial administration act, causing financial loss to the state.

“There are clear laws on how you use public money. If they say there is no law they have been in power for five years why haven’t they finished the law. It is not an excuse,” he stated.

Nana Akomea stated that what happened with GYEEDA can only be as a result of official collusion to defraud the state.

“What is happening cannot happen if there is no collusion and deliberate intent. Would you pay somebody for training 15,000 people but you let the person train only 4000 people and you pay the whole amount?

Nana Akomea said the only way forward for GYEEDA is to punish people who have defrauded the state to act as a deterrent to others.

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