Guru Shoots Another Expensive Music Video me Ba Be Tiao



When it comes to shooting of expensive and hilarious music videos, one Ghanaian musician who has set the pace is hiplife super star,Guru.

Guru’s music videos, Epic, Baba God and Pooley which were shot in London and Dudai respectively, is alleged to have been estimated above $150.000.

He just completed shooting the video of his new hit song “Me ba be tiao” over the weekend in Ghana. It was directed by the hottest video director presently, x’bills films.

Though Guru failed to reveal the cost of “Me ba be tiao” music video, according to sources, its one of the most expensive music videos ever to be produced in the history of our Ghanaian music industry.

Explaining why he invest so much in his videos,Nana Adjei – Yeboah Maradona, popularly known as Guru, told that, in order not to let his fans get tired of the same trend of videos, he has taken upon himself to invest vehemently into his music videos to give the fans variety:

“It’s about coming out with something more unique and decent. Sometimes the fans get tired of a particular type of videos and the environment, so you need to give them the extreme best “Guru told

Guru urged his fans to expect something exceptional from “me ba be tiao” music video which is currently being edited:

“If you could follow the trend of my videos nowadays, the likes of” Pooley ” which i shot in London, you could see that i have really changed the phase our industry.I have forced other artists to also shoot quality videos by copying my trend.But let me assure my fans that,”Me ba be tiao ” video is simply ‘crazy and exhilarating.’ It was directed by x’bills films. the concept is mind blowing. it’s going to be my new year present to my great and loyal fans.”He added.

The “me ba te tiao” video is now being edited expecting to be out during the first week of January,2016.


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