GRASAG Holds Womens Summit

The Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) on Saturday held its women’s summit under the theme “Empowerment of women is progress for all: make it happen”.

The summit was to challenge women to attaining leading roles in the government sector with formal and informal educational skills.

The former Director Institute of Local Government Studies, Dr. Ofei Aboagye a speaker at the summit passionately urged women to take interest in Local governance which would instigate the younger generation to be part of decision making of the welfare of the nation.

Dr. Ofei Aboagye stated “Local governance is a natural arena of interest because it involves everything that happens in our lives. Anything that happens within our community, it is the responsibility of the Assemblies for putting up schools, market police post within every community,”

She was stunned by the fact that many women shun from the local government election and it is heartrending that women do not want to be informed about what happens within their assemblies.

Only 11% percent of the over 216 assemblies’ affairs were managed by women, Dr. Aboagye noted, saying women who stand to be elected to head assemblies do not get voted for because of low funding and the Ghanaian notion that a woman is not capable of leadership role in a community.

She finally called for informal and formal education which according to her was the key to women empowerment to be practiced in the society

Dr. Aboagye declared that there has been an improvement with the course to improve woman empowerment and with greater awareness, women would have the ability to inspire the younger generation not to dread leadership within their community.

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