“Government’s failure at youth development darkens the country’s future”-Dei-Tumi

Motivational speaker and Youth development advocate, Emmanuel Dei-Tumi, has faulted government’s handling of youth development issues in the country.

He says youth development is suffering because there are no sound policies in place to spur on the country’s youth towards personal development.

Mr. Dei-Tumi also accuses the Ministry of Youth and sports of focusing more on sports to the detriment of comprehensive youth development.

He believes government’s failure has contributed significantly to armed robberies and other crimes lately and adds that until the nation gets serious about resourcing its youth development institutions and bringing them under good leadership, the future prospects of the country remain bleak.

Mr. Dei-Tumi in an interview with Ultimate radio said “although we have institutions like the National Youth Authority, the National Service Authority and others, I think we have not utilised the potentials of these institutions so well largely because they are either under-led in terms of leadership or under resourced.”

He says youth development must be depoliticised since that is one sure way of ensuring holistic national youth developments devoid of discrimination.

-Bernard Buachi, Ultimate radio-Kumasi

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