Government begins ‘Streets of Accra project’ to improve quality of roads

Government has begun the ‘Streets of Accra Project’ to improve the quality of roads in the country’s capital, Accra.

Asphalt overlays are being done on selected roads within the Accra Metropolitan Assembly- La Dadekotopon, La Nkwantanan, Ga East, Adentan and Ledzokukukrowor municipal assembly areas.

The project is expected to cover 76 km of roads in Accra and includes the regional capitals. It is expected to take one year to complete.

It will be funded with a loan from the Brazilian government.

Roads minister Alhaji Inusah Fuseini indicated that the project is to arrest the deterioration of many roads in Accra which has not seen any major maintenance for some time.

“The asphalt overlay programme is part of the interventions that the Ministry of Roads and Highways under the directive and leadership of President John Mahama is undertaking to move the roads in the region from fair and poor conditions to good.”

The Minister said resealing and resurfacing of other roads will be undertaken under the programme.

President Mahama in extolling the benefits of the project cautioned citizens to help preserve the lifespan of the roads when completed.

“As we beautify the roads and put them in good driving condition, let us desist from washing our cars on the road because when you wash your car on the road, the detergent affects the quality of the road because of the chemicals in the soap.

“Also when you repair your car on the road, the engine oil that spills on the asphalt also damages the road and also when you cook on the road the fire melts the asphalt. So our mothers who cook and the road please just cook on the side of the road don’t cook on the asphalt,” the President. said.

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