Go To Antoa For Justice – Kofi Jumah Tells NPP

THE NEW Patriotic Party (NPP) has been advised to opt for the dreaded river deity ‘Antoa Nyamah’ in the Ashanti Region, instead of the Supreme Court, if the party has any concerns about the outcome of the 2016 polls.

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa in Kumasi, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, said the Supreme Court could not ensure justice for the petitioners when they contested the outcome of the 2012 polls.

He therefore urged the NPP to proceed to the dreaded ‘Antoa Nyamah’ deity for justice should the party notice any ploy to once again deny them a well-deserved victory in the 2016 polls.

Mr. Jumah stressed that the river deity would ensure justice at all times without fear or favour, so ‘Antoa Nyamah’ was the best option for the NPP whenever they had doubts about election results.

According to him, the Supreme Court’s verdict about the 2012 election petition where the petitioners were declared losers was ample proof that the court could not ensure justice for the NPP.

“I don’t trust the Supreme Court anymore. Next time, if I want justice, I will go to Antoa Nyamah instead of heading to the law courts,” he stated on Hello FM.

Mr. Jumah said the Supreme Court’s verdict had made him lose confidence in the court system.

He claimed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had plans to disintegrate the NPP and make the party weak before Ghana went to polls to elect the next president in 2016.

According to him, as part of this grand scheme, the NDC would secretly peddle falsehoods about leading NPP members just to create animosity among the teeming supporters of the party.

Mr. Jumah therefore urged NPP supporters across the country to be extra careful and not believe wild rumours about their leading members.

The ex-Asokwa MP said the NPP would suffer greatly if the party’s members made the mistake of falling into any of the numerous traps being set by the NDC to create disaffection in the elephant family.

Mr Jumah debunked assertions that the NPP, after losing to the NDC in the 2012 presidential elections, needed to reorganize the party entirely to make it vibrant.

According to him, the NPP did not need reorganization but strategies to foil any attempt by the Electoral Commission (EC) to rig the 2016 polls in favour of the NDC.

The NPP, he stated, had the best chance of winning the 2016 national polls, claiming that the NDC had never won free and fair polls organized in the country before. “The NDC always rigs the polls to win.”

Mr. Jumah described the NPP as the only true majority political party in Ghana, stressing that the party would easily win any national polls organized in a free and fair manner.


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Go To Antoa For Justice – Kofi Jumah Tells NPP

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