Ghanaians Will Vote for Mahama Just Like Nigerians Will Vote for Jonathan Samson Ahi

Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works & Housing, Samson Ahi, on Saturday predicted that just as Nigerians are getting ready to give Goodluck Jonathan a second term of office, so will Ghanaians reward President John Mahama with a second term for his good work come 2016 when Ghanaians go to the polls.

The proud son of Sefwi, who was speaking to students of the Sefwi Wiawso College of Education, said that Ghana and Nigeria had a lot in common and that one of the commonalities was the current Presidents of both countries who shared a lot of similarities including their age, political progress, and challenges faced in government.

The Deputy Minister who is also MP for Bodi noted that with the similarities between Ghana and Nigeria, it was obvious that both President will secure a second term this year and next year.

Samson Ahi delighted the students by taking the opposition leaders against the two Presidents and showing how similar they were and why the people of Ghana and Nigeria will reject such people.

“If you look at Nigeria, they also have an old man there who instead of taking care of his grandchildren, is desperate to be President and to unseat the young man. It is the same story we have in Ghana. If you look at Nigeria again, you will see that the Nigerians have rejected that old man several times but he still wants to run and it is the same in Ghana too. If you look in Nigeria the old man wants to do everything to win power and it is the same in Ghana”, Honorable Ahi said.

Honorable Samson Ahi, the only deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing asked that it was time for citizens of both Nigeria and Ghana to retire permanently “sick, old opposition leaders so as to pave way for the new generation of African leaders”

Honorable Ahi urged the youth of the NDC to work hard and disseminate the good works of President John Mahama and not to allow the opposition the space to distort and lie about the achievements of the NDC.

A fundraising organized to support the welfare of NDC members particularly the youth in the constituency yielded 3,200 Ghana cedis.

(Source: Tein – Sefwi Wiawso)

Tertiary Educational Institutions Network (TEIN) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

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