Ghanaian Students In East Africa Congratulate Dr John Magufuli, The President-Elect Of The Republic Of Tanzania

Ghanaian Students in East Africa are delighted to congratulate the government and people of Tanzania for holding successfully and peacefully the 5th quinquennial presidential, parliamentary and district assembly elections, which was held on Sunday 25th October 2015. The results were officially announced on Thursday, 29th October 2015.

Dr John Pombe Magufuli of CCM (Chama Cha Mapinduzi), the ruling party since independence in 1961, was declared the winner by the National Electoral Commission. The president-elect was a classroom teacher and later became an industrial chemist. He was the immediate past works minister.

The governing CCM party won by 58%. The main opposition coalition party named UKAWA represented by former Prime Minister Mr Edward Lowassa won 40% of ballots cast. This was the fiercest election faced by the ruling party after 54 years in power.

The president elect, Dr John Pombe Magufuli was a very lucky politician and won the candidature of the CCM as the underdog or the compromised candidate. The outgoing president, His Excellemcy Mr Kikwete, typical of outgoing African leaders, attempted to impose a candidate for the ruling party instead of the already groomed CCM politician, Mr Edward Lowassa, the president in waiting.

Mr Edward Lowassa was cunningly disqualified to run as the CCM presidential candidate. Angered by what happened, Mr Lowassa, using political strategies, managed to get the candidate being supported by President Kikwete lose the chance to represent CCM. This gave the compromised candidate, Dr John Magufuli, the chance to represent the CCM and bulldozed his way to win the presidential election and declared the president on his birthday, a perfect gift indeed.

The president-elect campaigned on a platform of hard-work and willingness to fight corruption which is endemic in the ruling government. Dr John Magufuli, the president-elect is a results-driven president, incorruptible and a no-nonsense person. He is also very keen on details. He has been judged as the best minister in the outgoing ruling government. Nicknamed bulldozer for his pursuits in getting tarmac on many roads in Tanzania. His slogan was ‘hapa kazi tu’ (we are here to work). He will be sworn on 5th November 2015. He emphasized during his campaigns that his government would not tolerate inefficient workers.

Mr Edward Lowassa resigned from the ruling CCM and joined the main opposition party, CHADEMA. Four opposition parties formed a coalition and chose former Prime minister Lowassa as their presidential candidate. Lowassa is a reformer, a successful businessman, a free market democrat, eloquent, charismatic, handsome, maasai by tribe from Monduli near Arusha, and above all popular. He attracted record crowds for the opposition during his campaign rallies. Lowassa is a household name and a known maverick. He brought a tidal wave to Tanzanian politics. He lost the elections but the opposition had made significant inroads and it is possible the 54 years hold on power by CCM may be coming to an end soon.

Opposition Leader, Edward Lowassa in Grey Hair

We congratulate the opposition for presenting a united front to face off the CCM. We were largely unhappy for the delay in releasing results until 4 days after the polls. We hope the new president will improve the economic condition of the people of Tanzania and help reduce corruption as he promised. There is something political parties in Ghana can learn about politics in Tanzania.

First, the CCM party, the president is also the chairman of the party. Mr Kikwete, the outgoing president will continue to be the leader and chairman of CCM until 2017. Then the president-elect will take over as the leader and chairman of the party. Second, the district level election was combined with presidential and parliamentary election.

The Ghanaian Students in East Africa will be happy if the president of Ghana, His Excellency John Mahama participates in the swearing-in ceremony of the new president of Tanzania. In his entourage, we encourage him to go with the Agriculture minister and Education minister. Tanzania, twice larger in population than Ghana is an agricultural economy. They feed themselves.

There is hardly any importation of rice like it is happening in Ghana. Ghana can tap in their experience. There is currently a debate on the use of language for early childhood education. Tanzania is already far advanced in this respect. Kiswahili, the local language spoken by everybody and the lingua franca is used for teaching and learning until in the higher school where it is switched to English.

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