Ghanaian Rapper In Trouble After Calling Some Musicians To Be Fake

The rate at which rappers in Ghana keep claiming the I Am The Best title is getting way too annoying.

In almost every rap song you listen, there is a line that goes like – I am the best—Ya’ll rappers not on my level—Dont compare me to the other rappers, etc.

Truth is, it isnt bad if you tell the world you are good at what you are doing but the question is, will every rapper claim the title of being the best? If yes, then who should we listen to? I guess thats up to us.

Back to the matter, Ghanaian rapper by name Samuel Frimpong, popularly known as Medikal just got himself in the hot waters of Ghanaians after calling some rappers in Ghana to be fake.

Signed under Arab Money Gang with Criss Waddle, the P3 Kakra rapper on Joy News said most rappers in Ghana brag in their songs. Explaining himself, Medikal said, most rappers in Ghana talk about big things yet do not live up to those things they are rapping about. According to him, to be a real rapper, you need to put your feelings in your rap verses, your hustle and struggle need to be felt in your rap, but not talk about things you only dream of.

Mentioning names of Ghanaian rappers who he thinks live up to the things they rap about, Medikal stated Sarkodie, Paedae, E.L and Criss Waddle, leaving the others unmentioned.

Fans of other rappers after watching the interview have not taken it easy on Medikal and i am sure if he has the chance to retract what he said, he would be wishing to do that just to save his name from insults.

Read some comments directed to Medikal below..

Emerging rapper Medikal, reveals some Ghanaian rappers are ‘fake’. Medikal hopes to have a collaboration with Paedae of R2Bees fame. Watch his interaction with Becky on LTE.#LetsTalkEntertainment#JoyNews

Posted by JoyNews on Friday, February 5, 2016

Meanwhile, Medikal is promoting his latest rap song titled CONFIRM..

Watch video below and be your own judge, if he is indeed a good rapper or among those claiming to be the best in Ghana…