Ghanaian Girls Suffer Ordeal In Gulf States

A video showing a girl suspected to be Ghanaian engaged in a forced oral and coital sex with three men bearing American accent currently making the rounds has removed the lid over the ordeal females who migrate to foreign lands especially Arab countries suffer.

The video under review shows a girl who appears to have been constrained to become a prostitute under a certain level of duress falling into the hands of some wicked men.

Angry about her poor showing occasioned by her naivety, they rained obscene insults on her and sexually abused her in the most abominable fashion imaginable.

Many Ghanaian girls who migrate to Gulf countries through employment agencies end up as domestic hands in the residences of unscrupulous rich Arabs who use them as sex objects at the blind side of their wives. A lady who craved for anonymity said there are instances where fathers shared their African sex objects with their children. Women who resist such overtures are subjected to untold physical assaults by their owners as it were.

Unfortunately, many of these girls easily fall for the advertisements about what they stand to gain by taking the bold decision to migrate for the so-called green pastures in the Gulf States of Arabia.

Their travel documents are collected by their bosses as soon as they land in their final destinations where they double as domestic workers and sex slaves.

When DAILY GUIDE reached out to Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Said Sinare on the issue, he expressed worry about the contents of the video but added that he could not tell whether she is a Ghanaian.  Many Ghanaian girls, he said, go through untold hardships at the hands of unscrupulous persons in these parts of the world as they ostensibly serve them as domestic house-helps.

Regarding the video as afore-referred to, he said it appears to have taken place in Dubai and the aggressors were Americans.

Since assuming office as Ghana’s envoy in Saudi Arabia, he said, he has been involved in rescuing entrapped Ghanaian girls working as domestic house-helps who have ended up being sex slaves at the disposal of their employers. ‘I am currently preparing to go to Kuwait on a similar mission’ he said.

In a related development, 18 Ghanaian females, according to the Ambassador have been deported by the Saudi authorities in Riyadh.

The deportation of Ghanaian ladies from Saudi Arabia, he said, is worrying to Saudi authorities given the cost involved in their air fares.

Regarding the Ghanaian ladies deported last Monday morning, he said upon receiving a call by the authorities, he sent one of his subordinates to go and find out what was happening only to be told about how they possessed fake travel documents.

‘When I went there they refused to allow me to talk to the ladies’ he said.

By A.R. Gomda

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