Ghanaian dancehall music is dead – Blakk Rasta

Controversial Ghanaian reggae artiste and host of Taxi Driver on Hitz FM, Abubakar Ahmed known in showbiz as Blakk Rasta says dancehall is dead and he will be shocked if the music genre achieves what it did back in 2014, this year.

The opinionated musician said this on Hitz Entertainment News while denouncing reports that he said dancehall artiste Shatta Wale will not go anywhere in a recent interview on ETV.

Clearing the air, Blakk Rasta said, “I did not go out to say Shatta Wale’s music will not go anywhere, he (the interviewer) asked me about Ghanaian dancehall so [my answer] was a general description and prediction of the dancehall scene in Ghana”.

According to him, “the interviewer then zeroed in and asked me about some artists like Stonebwoy, Samini, Shatta Wale and I talked about all these artistes one after the other but the writer decided to pick only Shatta Wale and put him up there and say Blakk Rasta said it.  What about Samini, what about Stonebwoy?”.

On his opinion on dancehall music, he said, “If dancehall is able to do what it did in 2014, I’ll be shocked because for me dancehall is dead”.

“I travel out and I don’t hear Ghanaian music. It’s full of hype and they are not letting the music talk they are doing the talking and the hype. They talk about the richest Ghanaian artistes and the most flamboyant Ghanaian video, all this won’t take us anywhere, the way they are doing it, it won’t last”.

The ‘Barrack Obama’ hit singer stressed that, “It’s true that Ghanaian dancehall music will not go anywhere, it’s all about Patois. If you don’t speak Patois, you can’t do dancehall that’s what I’m saying will not go anywhere.”

He advised that dancehall artistes sing in other dialects instead and refrain from using profane words.

“It won’t work unless a few of them decide to be a little bit more conscious, sing in the local dialects apart from Patois and refrain from using profane words.”

“The music won’t go anywhere if we all sing profane dancehall. Why don’t they sing about ‘Dumsor’, why don’t they sing about how pretty African women are, why don’t they sing about the African continent, why don’t they sing about the suffering of the ghetto, why don’t they sing about prosperity, sing about love rather than the guns and that they killed 20 people? There are so many things we can talk about which will uplift and develop us rather than this nonsense which is presently going on,” he continued.

“It’s just a suggestion, it’s just an opinion, if you want your business to last this is what you may have to do,” Blakk Rasta added.

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