Ghana@59: Experiences of photojournalists at the Celebration

Photojournalists and camera crews go through a lot to cover national events and the Independence Day celebration was no exception.

A small group officially contracted by the Presidency were perched up on media riser where they took shots of the presidential area of the Independence Square.

The rest were loaded into a truck. The journalists had negligible access to the presidency.

Below are 13 picture stories of experience of photojournalists both local and international at the celebration.

The dirty white truck ready to take on board photojournalists for the occasion.

Checking if the ladder could be helpful for the photojournalists

This international photojournalist could not have climbed without the help of the NADMO official

He needs extra push.

Survival of the fittest

A Ghanaian photojournalist being helped by a foreign photojournalist

The excitement on the dirty white truck

Whatever the angle, we will celebrate [email protected]

The occasion is [email protected]
Could it be something like this next time?

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