Ghana Will Develop If NPP Becomes Responsible – Joseph Yamin

Deputy Sports Minister, Joseph Yamin, has chided the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for shirking its responsibility as an opposition party.

According to him, the NPP has spent the past five years sabotaging the NDC administration just to score cheap political points.

Joseph Yamin was reacting to NPP’s claims that the Mahama-led government has mismanaged the economy.

The NPP has criticized government for collapsing what it describes as a vibrant economy just fives years in power.

The party claims the Mahama-led administration lack the requisite expertise to grow Ghana’s economy.

But government has vehemently denied those claims, adding that the economy is on its recovery path.

On Ekosii Sen on Asempa FM Wednesday, Joseph Yamin said the NPP cannot claim to be better managers of Ghana’s economy when in fact it left the economy in “tatters”.

He indicated that the slow growth of Ghana’s economy is the residual effects of the bad economic management of the erstwhile Kufuor administration.

Joseph Yamin further stated that the NPP has reneged on its constitutional mandate of keeping government on its toes.

“The NPP should be educating Ghanaians on policies rather than criticizing, if we want to develop as a nation. If not we will keep on marking time” he said.

Acknowledging the difficulty the NPP finds itself after losing the 2012 elections, Yamin said it should not be enough basis for the “unnecessary criticisms” of government.

The Deputy Sports Minister reiterated the NPP has not been responsible because it has failed to promote responsible debate, present viable alternatives and to put government in check.

Joseph Yamin said this could affect the party’s electoral fortunes in 2016. He has, therefore, called on the leadership of the NPP to restructure and offer constructive criticisms, and also support government to accelerate Ghana’s growth.


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Ghana Will Develop If NPP Becomes Responsible – Joseph Yamin

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