Ghana Water Company to pilot prepaid metering system for water; ISODEC shoots it down

Consumers of water may soon pay for the life-giving resource before accessing it.

Just as it is done for electricity, the Ghana Water Company will soon begin prepaid metering services for water.

The acting Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company (GWC) Godwin Dovlo announced this when the utility companies met the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC) in Accra on Wednesday.

According to him, the proposal is part of measures to curtail the physical and commercial losses incurred by the company.

But civil society group Integrated Social Development Center, ISODEC is shooting down the proposal even before it will take effect.

¬†Coordinator of the Center, Dr Steve Manteaw told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh the proposal is not only worrying but an attempt to trade what is undoubtedly “fundamental to human life.”

He said government has a responsibility to the citizenry to provide the basic necessity of life which is water or be faced with a headache of eradicating water borne diseases if the proposal is carried through.

He found it intriguing that the Water Company will be considering a proposal which was abolished in UK years ago.

He said the motive for implementing the policy, which is to recover losses, is not sustainable.

Dr Manteaw argued that cost should never be a barrier to accessing water, insisting, the state should take the responsibility of making water universally accessible to all.

He said people must live to pay the cost of water they use but a prepaid policy will only deny them water, and life.

“That person must live to pay [the bill]. If you deny that person the water, he would die and would not be able to pay the bill, he explained.

He said the state “must invest in the sector” and stop the “profit motives” it is hatching.

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