Ghana Ports Losing Business To Togo Due To Poor Services

Ghana’s ports and harbours are gradually losing business to their counterparts in Togo because of their unpredictable services. Massive corruption and extortion of money by ports officials from transport companies operating along Ghana’s borders have also been identified as contributory factors.

An executive of the Burkina Shippers Council in Ghana, Yaya Yedan told STARR BUSINESS that many Business Executives are moving their consignments to Togo where they are sure of prompt clearance of goods.

“Yes we are losing gradually to Togo…” he confirmed in an interview.

Yedan said apart from delays in the clearing of goods, unannounced measures at the ports are also killing the sector.

“Which kind of country is that? You wake up in the morning, you introduce a line of charges and it does hold. You don’t need any notice, so if I’m a businessman I’ll say: ‘Thank you. I prefer to use a corridor that is reliable, that is predictable.’”

“It has nothing to do with absolute cost. That corridor may be more expensive but it is reliable in the sense that it doesn’t change day-in day out,” Yedan observed.

He added that Port Authorities must be serious about the needs of their customers if they want to maintain them.

“Customers have needs. Let’s learn about it. The corridor needs to be reliable in the sense that time lines, procedures, costs are known in advance.

“The corridor needs to the predictable in the sense that if there is anything that needs to be introduced, then users will be informed ahead to give them enough time to make a decision. Then we need to cooperate,” Yedan added.

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