Ghana Is Prepared For Any Terrorist Attack – Govt

The Government of Ghana says its decision to maintain or withdraw Ghanaian troops from Mali will not be hinged on any possible consequential terrorist attack on the nation.

Deputy Minister of Information and Media Relations, Felix Kwakye Ofosu says Ghana is constantly on the alert to thwart any security threat from terrorist groups. This comes in the wake of the Westgate Attack in Kenya where over 60 people died, leaving several others injured.

The UK Government has also issued a terror alert to all its Citizens about a possible attack on Ghana as a result of the contribution of troops to fight insurgents in Mali.

Mr. Kwakye Ofosu says the alert by the British Government has no credible intelligence foundation.

“If you analyze things carefully, it is clear that Ghana is the mildest in terms of dangers in making journeys here. The issues being raised are that people could fall victim to petty theft and like but which country does petty theft not occur? Ghana’s security is also aware of this warning of possible terrorist attacks and are prepared for any such incidences,” he said.

He urged Ghanai​ans and foreigners to be go about their normal activities.

A middle east and Islamic political analyst, Irbard Ibrahim, has also downplayed the possibility of Ghana being attacked by terrorist groups due to the country’s contribution of troops to Mali. Ghana, like other West African countries, deployed 120 troops to Mali, to restore order to the area after militant groups fought government forces.

The UK government in a general travel security alert to its citizens traveling to Ghana said countries whose troops are part of the Mali military intervention could become targets for terrorists. But Mr. Ibrahim said Ghana is far from being attacked.


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Ghana Is Prepared For Any Terrorist Attack – Govt

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