Ghana, Botswana deepen ties with an MOU

Ghana has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Botswana in which the two countries will be engaged more in political consultation.

The two countries have enjoyed relative political stability and boast of strong democracy.

The agreement was reached after a closed door session between the two sides in Bostwana where President John Mahama is currently on a three-day-state visit.

President John Mahama’s state visit to the Republic of Botswana is  to engage  his counterpart and other relevant authorities on ways to further deepen bilateral relations and for the two countries to share experiences for development. 

Monday’s meeting which resulted in the memorandum of understanding was followed by the state luncheon in honor of president Mahama.

John Mahama congratulated President Serethe khama   Serethe khama   for the remarkable strides he has made for his country and on his reelection into office.

“The leap from a poor African country to a thriving middle income country today is commendable and worthy of emulation.

“Ghana is also a middle income country working towards attaining full fledge middle income status, he stated.

He said mutual goals of the two  countries including economic ambitions, political stability and human right values which can be harnessed into strong cooperation.

President Serethe khama  Ian Khama said the potential for increased collaborations between the two countries, should  be consolidated properly to enhance living standards of people in the two countries.

“The visit is testimony of the importance the two countries attach to the bond of friendship,’ he stated, adding Botswana continue to receive from Ghana trained human resources a phenomenon they are most grateful for.

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