Ghana And USA Sign Security Governance Initiative Action Plan

Government of Ghana has signed a Security Governance Initiative (SGI) action plan with the United States (US) to efficiently and effectively provide security and justice to Ghanaians.

SGI is a joint endeavor between the US and six African partners that offers a comprehensive approach to improving security sector governance and capacity to address threat.

At a programme dubbed the joint signing of the SGI joint country action plan on Thursday at the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Accra, Hon. Hanna Tetteh, Foreign Affairs Minister said the program will be implemented in the first occurrence by six countries on our continent and Ghana has been chosen as one of the six African countries alongside Nigeria, Niger, Tunisia, Kenya and Mali.

The idea of the initiative by the US with partnership from six African countries is to perk up security sector institution capacity to protect the citizens of the participating African countries and confront challenges and threats, with integrity and accountability.

“We have focused on what we consider to be the key areas where we require the support of the US government through the Security Governance Initiative to be able to strengthen the system that we have in place for investigation, for gathering of evidence, for prosecution and ultimately for the protection of our country in these particular sectors”, Hon. Hanna Tetteh noted in her remarks.

She furthered that, “the sectors that we are focusing on are the Cybercrime and Cyber security, Maritime security, Border Surveillance and Border control. A cross cutting issue that covers all of these three areas is also the administration of justice especially as regard effective analysis of evidence, gathering of evidence and prosecution of offenders to ensure that people who fall foul of our laws do not feel that because the institutions of state that are responsible for enforcement are not able to handle the responsibilities as efficiently as one would like that somehow or the other they would be able to get away with impunity”.

According to her the program is been categorized into short-term, medium-term and longer-term all with the view to making sure that the country improve its efficiencies as quickly as possible.

The member of parliament for Awutu Senya West constituency disclosed that, “the US government intends to spends $65million on this particular initiative and as a country, as one of the six base on the areas we have identified, we will have support to build capacity in these areas to be able to deal with the overlaps that exist between ministries, departments and agencies in terms of their overlapping mandate to ensure streamlining where necessary”, she added.

The Foreign Minister was hopeful the program would fortify the institutions in our country and make it proficient to help give the protection the country needs to combat the budding threats that have been identified.

“It is our believe that as we go through the process of implementing this program we will come out with stronger institutions that are more robust that are more competent and that will help to give us the protection we want to meet the emerging threats that we have identified in these particular areas”, She added.

United States’ Ambassador to Ghana , Robert Porter Jackson in his remarks articulated his profound gratitude to the National Security Coordinator, Mr. Yaw Donkor and staff “for the time and effort put into this process”, He said.

The Ambassador explained that the joint country action plan or JCAP is the roadmap for a successful partnership and effective opportunities for SGI efforts in three focus areas which are Maritime security, Border management, and Cyber security and cybercrime.

He continued that, the recommendations provided in the action plan will inform SGI program design and implementation and that following the signing of the agreement, “we will begin developing SGI activities to support efforts in the three focus areas”.

“The JCAP is an important part of the SGI approach to improving security sector governance and supporting the government of Ghana’s ability to more efficiently and effectively provide security and justice to its citizen. We thank the government and people of Ghana for your commitment to partnering with the United States in pursuit of stronger and more accountable security institutions. We are excited about the work we are embarking on together”, He concluded.

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