Ghana @59: Asokore Mampong MCE worried over insanitary conditions


Municipal Chief Executive for Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti region is appalled by the level of insanitary conditions in the Municipality and other parts of the country.

Alhaji Nurudeen Hamidan says though the assembly has done everything within its powers to help redeem the situation, there is general apathy especially towards the National Sanitation Day clean up exercise.

Speaking at the 59th Independence anniversary parade at Asokore Mampong, he chastised residents for choosing to dispose-off waste indiscriminately.

Alhaji Hamidan is unhappy at what he considers a norm for residents of all class to dispose-off waste indiscriminately with impunity; without regard to laid down environmental regulations.

“Sanitation has become a major concern to all of us. Not only in this municipality but also in the country as a whole. Indiscriminate disposal of waste has become a norm rather than exception. People of all class wrongly dispose their waste with impunity”.

To him, the practice should be blamed for the increasing filth-related diseases such as cholera as drains are choked with refuse.

Alhaji Hamidan told a well attended anniversary parade the assembly has done everything within its powers to maintain a healthy environment including the organization of the National Sanitation Day clean up exercise.

But that has been met with general apathy among residents.

“As an assembly, we have done well in organizing the monthly clean up exercise. The general apathy by the general public towards the day is a big concern to all of us”, worried Alhaji Hamidan said.

He wants the youth in the area to take charge of efforts to ensure cleanliness.

Awards were presented to deserving schools at this year’s Independence anniversary parade.

Whilst the Mighty Royals School topped the Basic Schools category, Sakafia Senior High School received awards in the SHS category.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Hamidan has announced the redevelopment of the Asawasi market which is expected to be completed at the end of 2016; construction of two police stations at Bobai and Parkoso as well as the asphalting of Zongo-OTEC and Asokore Mampong-Aboabo-Sepe Dote Junction roads. IThese projects and many others form part of efforts to upgrade the municipality.

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