George Loh failed; people wanted change – 27-year old female student explains victory

The 27-year old final year law student at University of Cape Coast who defeated North Dayi MP George Loh in the NDC parliamenatry primaries says his defeat was inevitable because people just wanted change.

Joycelyn Tetteh obtained 3,037 votes leaving George Loh with 2,209. Another contender Prof. Gavua got 1,309 in the parliamentary primaries organised by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) last Saturday.

George Loh is one of more than 13 sitting Members of Parliament who will not be going back to Parliament in 2016 on the ticket of the ruling NDC.

New North Dayi NDC candidate Jocelyn Tetteh says the prospect of another four-year mandate for George Loh was unattractive to the people because he failed to bring development to the constituency.

“We were not actually seeing anything” the University of Cape Coast (UCC) student told Joy News Monday.

She revealed, many in the NDC-held constituency were vowing to vote President John Mahama in 2016 but a parliamentary candidate of a different party if George Loh was retained as the NDC candidate for 2016.

“If it is going to be like this for next four years then they will vote for skirt and blouse”, she revealed.

Sensing the dissatisfaction across the constituency, “I realized an opportunity” she said.

The Volta region is the stronghold of the NDC and an upset is unlikely in 2016. George Loh entered Parliament in 2012 and is Ranking Member on the Public Accounts Committee.

Another notable giant who has fallen is the former Roads Minister, Joe Gidisu who was defeated by Alex Hottordze. Joe Gidisu has been unseated after he sought a fifth term in parliament as Central Tongu MP.

Mr Gidisu explained his defeat was not down to non-performance. He said there appeared to be a general desire for a new face for the constituency in parliament.

“That was the wind that blew across the constituency” he told Joy News.

The Central Tongu seat is not “a family stool”, he conceded having been in parliament for the past 16 years.

He said during his tenure as MP, every community in the constituency has had a fair share of development.

The former Minister expressed satisfaction about his performance in parliament and in the verdict of the party members.

“I have no regrets”, he said.
In the Adentan constituency in the Greater Accra region, a chest-beating Adentan MP Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore succumbed to defeat after promising to dispatch his contenders with cheeky ease.

Ashie Moore had hyped up his ability to cater for the needs of his people and said this would be the crucial decider in the primaries.

He said politics was a game of investments.
“Most of them [who are] coming, they will waste their money. I am the only person who is ready” his confidence oozed prior to the primaries.

But Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, son of the PNC chairman Mohammed Ramadan emerged the winner of the primaries.

Nii Ashie Moore following his defeat, says he will “unite Adentan before handing over”.

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