GCPP Tackles MODEC Labour Matters

Dear All,
The following represents GCPP’S position on the MODEC strike:

1) GCPP is of the view that all 27 dismissed workers should be immediately recalled and asked to return to their duty stations.

2) GCPP welcomes the impending negotiation planned by the Minister of Energy with MODEC officials and all its workers, including those who have been dismissed.

3) GCPP expects a positive outcome from the upcoming negotiation and hope that the grievances concerning the salary differential between Ghanaian nationals and foreign workers would be fully addressed.

4) GCPP invites all other opposition parties to join us in our position in protecting the rights of the MODEC workers.

5) GCPP is also surprised at Dr Kwabena Donor’s statement that “pursuit of the local content law must not lead to a flagrant violation of the law.” It is in our enlightened view that MODEC workers were only exercising their rights and ILO’s convention on equal work for equal pay.

Finally, the local content law is central to GCPP’s domestication policy and in particular, the need for the empowerment of all Ghanaian workers.

It is only when productive workers are encouraged and their rights addressed, that Ghana can become the great country that it is destined to become.

Ghanaian workers deserve to be treated better.
Dr. Henry Lartey
Chairman and Leader

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