Gbevlo-Lartey denies Amidu’s BNI allegations

Former National Security Coordinator, Colonel Larry Gbevlo-Lartey (retired), says Martin Amidu’s claim that he (Gbevlo-Lartey) sent BNI officials to search his home and detain him is untrue.

“That is also a statement of falsehood. I did not send any such persons”, he said.

The former Attorney General had said he was arrested and detained on the eve of the December 2012 elections by personnel of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) who were operating on the orders of the then national security coordinator.

Amidu said the action by the security capo was among other calculated moves to silence and prevent him from exposing the rot within government at the time.

“Did Gbevlo-Lartey have the authority of the President to cause the search, my arrest and detention on the eve of an election with dire probable consequences for the nation? He did not!” Amidu said in a damning statement he wrote in response to a similar statement made by Col Gbevlo Lartey in regarding the Woyome scandal.

According to the corruption crusader, the security capo sacrificed the potential security of the country by causing his unlawful arrest and detention.

“But has Gbevlo-Lartey forgotten that his actions in sending officials of the BNI to search my residence, arrest me and detain me for hours on 6th December 2012, without a Court warrant on the very eve of 2012 Election when tensions were very high in the country could have caused mayhem in the country if I had invited the media and others to my residence that day?”, Mr Amidu wrote.

But in a rebuttal on social media, Mr Gbevlo-Lartey rebutted: “Martin lied and that is a fact he knows from the bottom of his heart that I know not from hearsay but by my witnessing and active participation both in the meeting he refers to so inaccurately and in the related matters both before and after. People who seek facts don’t come with prejudice. They wait patiently. Truth stands and Martin lied and is even at it again the more with his new disjointed statement full of falsehood.”

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