Gbevlo had me arrested; detained on the eve of 2012 elections- Amidu

Former Attorney General Martin Amidu has said he was arrested and detained on the eve of the December 2012 elections by BNI officials who were operating on the orders of the then national security coordinator- Gbevlo Lartey.

Amidu said the action by the security capo was among other things calculated to silence him and to prevent him from exposing further rot within government at the time.

“But has Gbevlo-Lartey forgotten that his actions in sending officials of the BNI to search my residence, arrest me and detain me for hours on 6th December 2012, without a Court warrant on the very eve of 2012 Election when tensions were very high in the country could have caused mayhem in the country if I had invited the media and others to my residence that day?” Amidu revealed in a damning statement he issued in response to comments made by Col Gbevlo Lartey in relation to what has become known as the Woyome scandal.

Martin Amidu was fired as Attorney General in 2012 when he threatened to prosecute senior government officials who were fingered in the Woyome scandal.

The then Mills administration maintained he was fired for misconduct – a claim Amidu has laughed off as untrue.

He has since challenged the reasons for his dismissal and won a Court ruling declaring his dismissal as not following the rule of law.

Larry Gbevlo Lartey in a facebook comment sought to contradict the views  of Amidu, insisting that he (Amidu) was indeed fired for misconduct.

That appears to have angered Martin Amidu, who describes himself as the citizen vigilante.

He said without the authority of the president Mr Lartey in the heat of the 2012 elections “caused the search, my arrest and detention on the eve of an election with dire probable consequences for the nation.”

“I prevented whatever unconstitutional intentions, if any, Gbevlo-Lartey might have had to use me innocently for: I preserved the dignity of Ghana as a democracy!” he stated.

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