GBA Condemns Attacks On Supreme Court Judges

The Ghana Bar Association has condemned the unwarranted attacks by lawyers and the public on the Supreme Court judges.

It said such conduct amounts to scandalising the Court and carries penalties including imprisonment.

This is contained in a statement signed and issued in Accra by its President Nene Amegatcher.

The statement cautions all lawyers to be extremely circumspect in their comments and advises all individuals to be fair in their analysis of the Supreme Court verdict.

The statement said the association finds the comments making the rounds strange as the reasons for the judgement by the Supreme Court have not yet been procured from the Court.

It is therefore not possible for interpretations to be made on the judgement.

The Ghana Bar Association therefore calls on all lawyers to await the reasons for the verdict before making any criticisms.


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GBA Condemns Attacks On Supreme Court Judges

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