Frozen HIPC Account…A Spillover Of Minority’s “Wickedness And Selfish Interest”

A communication member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Alhaji Mohammed Naziru has chastised the Minority in Parliament for crying over their frozen accounts, saying it is a spillover of their wickedness meted out to Ghanaians during the swearing-in of President Mahama as well as boycotting Parliamentary proceedings of vetting ministers for the state.

The act, exhibited by the NPP MP’s, according to Mohammed Naziru, is sheer “wickedness and selfish interest” to deny Ghanaians they represent in their constituencies, the opportunity to choose ministers for the country.

Speaking on Okay fm, he said “they (NPP) selfishly and wickedly refused to carry out their mandated duty which Ghanaians expected them to have done during the swearing-in of President Mahama and the vetting of his ministers”.

He again ascribed the NPP as a political party which has the tendency to create and share the booty of the state among their cronies; in that the party is not interested in assisting the development of the state but instead, will do anything to demand their share of the national cake at the expense of the country.

In addressing the purported frozen accounts of the Minority in Parliament, Mohammed Naziru said this is another agenda by the Minority in Parliament to draw the development project of the NDC government back; as the Right Hon. Doe Adjaho has denied knowledge of the issue of the NPP MP’s.

Report has it that, Minority MPs have threatened to advise themselves if government fails to release their quarterly Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Funds, which according to them, have been frozen from January.

Even though the Minority in Parliament could be right with their claim, the NDC communicator has slammed that they (NPP MP’s) should have used the standing orders to make their claims known without going public on the issue.

He therefore concluded that “what the NPP MP’s are complaining about is a spillover of their wickedness and selfishness they meted out to Ghanaians; we have always been telling Ghanaians that NPP as a political party, if not selfish, then there is nothing more to say about”.


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Frozen HIPC Account…A Spillover Of Minority’s “Wickedness And Selfish Interest”

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