Formulate A “Strike Pay Policy”…Tony Aidoo Tells Gov’t

Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr. Tony Aidoo has called on government to formulate a Strike Pay Policy to check the actions of striking workers in the country.

According to him, government should effect the Strike Pay Policy in order to enforce the various Associations and Unions to foot the bill when their members embark on a strike action.

Addressing his point on Radio Gold’s “Alhaji and Alhaji”, Dr. Tony Aidoo noted that the Unions and Associations should be held liable for their own actions.

To him, “if Unions go on strike for whatever reason, the legal presumption and justifiable presumption is that they must be prepared to pay for the cost of their action…When they embark on strike, it should be the Union’s responsibility to pay the striking workers and not the government.”

He charged the Ministry of Finance and Presidency to implement the policy.

“If the Ministry of Finance and the Presidency do not have the courage to evolve a Strike Pay Policy, then we must forget about fighting corruption and all the nefarious activities that go to make the government ineffective.”


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Formulate A “Strike Pay Policy”…Tony Aidoo Tells Gov’t

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