Fishermen Return Dead Whale To Sea

Fishermen in an around Half Assini in the Jomoro District on Wednesday, November 4 sent back the huge and strange fish washed ashore the beach to the deep seas through self help.

This was to prevent it from decomposing at the beach, which can create environmental and health hazards for the people.

Francis Tayi, executive officer of the Half Assini Fishermen Landing Beach Association and premix fuel pumping station attendant of the beach, said the fishermen did not have the capacity to dig a hole big enough to bury the fish, which some people suspected to be a dead whale.

According to Mr Tayi, popularly known as O Callo, a machine was required to dig a hole and bury the fish which was getting rotten.

He said while the assistance was not forthcoming, the fishermen had no alternative than to mobilise themselves and enough anchors and send the fish back into the sea.

According to Mr Tayi, before their decision on Wednesday, the fish was giving bad ordour which could have caused environmental hazards in the neighbourhood.

Mr Tayi disclosed that the association mobilised about 300 fishermen in the area and tied three ropes to the tail of the fish, and towed it back into the sea during high tide.

They then used three boats each with an outboard motor and dragged the fish to about 200 nautical miles deep sea, he said.

Mr Tayi said the fishermen used heavy stones and iron metals and anchored it under the sea, adding that other fishes in the sea would feed on it to grow.

He said both the drag net and beach outboard motor fishermen in the town suspended fishing on Sunday when the fish washed ashore to the day it was finally removed and sent back into the sea.

The Jomoro District Coordinating Director, Abudu Amadu; Prince Charles Ndarko Kwaw, presiding member of Jomoro District Assembly and Emanuel Erzah Armah, assembly member for the area, all participated in the exercise.

The DCD thanked the fishermen for their hard work to remove the sea mammal from the community, to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic.


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