Ex-AfDB boss urges equitable resources distribution

Accra , Feb 26, GNA – Kantinka Sir Dr Kwame Donkor Fordwor, a Former President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) has urged the administrators of the economy and institutions to apply the ‘solidarity principle’ in apportioning state resources equitably for national good.

‘The principle involves nothing more than the recognition that we live in an inter-dependent world, and the problems of other people are also our concern,’ he said during the 49th J. B. Danquah Memorial Lectures.

The J. B. Danquah Memorial Lectures is an annual ceremony organised to celebrate the religious and cultural beliefs and the scholarly works of Dr Danquah, a founding member of the defunct United Gold Coast Convention, and a member of Ghana’s Big Six.

Dr Fordwor urged authorities to also apply what he described as, ‘The Subsidiary Principle – one that demands that decision-making involved all members of society at the appropriate level – a belief, he said, Dr Danquah stood for.

He said Dr Danquah, if alive, would have appealed to Ghanaians to ensure that every member of the society was given a fair share in the ‘Bonum Commune’ or the ‘Common Good’.

He condemned the gradual tilting to the ‘cash and carry’ system in health delivery, saying it was important that the nation ensured appropriate provisions in place for those who would be unable to pay on the spot for health services.

Dr Fordwor also urged the leaders to focus on improving the quality education and making it a priority for the country that he noted ought to be holistic.

He stated: ‘I personally think that the idea of using computers for the admission of candidates to Senior High Schools is dehumanising and unethical. It constitutes a denial of the fundamental right of the parent to choose the school in which his or her child is to study’.


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