Even God Will Call Mahama Incompetent – K. Poly Lecturer Gabby Kinn, Kumasi

A renowned political commentator and analyst, Mr Thomas Kusi Boafo, has asked president John Mahama to stop inciting unnecessary tension he deliberately wants to create in the country and gracefully accept the ‘incompetence tag’ hanging on his neck, because “even God will call his government incompetent.’

Particularly, he stated that, it is only under President Mahama’s government that the nation has received much financial help from foreign donor, coupled with the oil revenues, yet due to systematic corruption, lack of vision, ignorance and arrogance, they had messed up big time, insisting that there’s no way God would be happy about this.

“As a president, you had all the monies, resources, now with oil revenues at your disposal, yet you just can’t make one simple thing right for the good people of this country; businesses are crumbling under your watch, there has been for the first time, a major national grouping called Unemployed Graduates Association, all these happened when you became president and you don’t want us to call you incompetent?” he questioned.

“We have lived in dumsor for more than three years out of the four years of your administration and you don’t want us to call you with such description…must one become a president to be fit enough to criticize your government” Mr Kusi Boafo fumed.

And he asserted that there is no way God can be happy with Ghana and its leaders, quizzing ‘ why should God be happy with this people who are killing the dreams and aspirations of Ghanaians and exposing particularly, the youth to an undue hashes of lives; a hard life created by an incompetent government?’

The motivational speaker-cum-lecturer was contributing a panel discussion on ‘Nyansapo’, a flagship morning talk-show on a Kumasi-based OTEC FM Thursday hosted by George Ampratwum.

President Mahama, the Kumasi Polytechnic Senior Lecturer noted, has always been exposing his level of incompetence in the administration of the country and as such it is not out of place of the people he preside over to refer to him with such names.

To Kusi Boafo, Ghana is now a disgraced creation because despite all the resources God bequeath Ghana, lack of visionary leadership had led the country down in recent times, making Ghanaians, particularly the youth wallow in abject poverty and ‘this is due to nothing but incompetence…’

In his view, just as it had been the case, president Mahama’s outburst on Dr Mahamudu Bawumiah, running mate of the opposition New Patriotic Party, was a deliberate tactic to sway public attention from criticizing the ‘dead goat’ budget presented to the people of Ghana last week.

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