ET Mensah Fights Journalist Over Achievements

Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, E.T. Mensah, lost his cool in an interview with Citi News’ Umaru Sanda calling him names and at some point ordering him to ‘shut up’.

In expressing his anger against his political opponent in the National Democratic Congress, Sam George, the MP vented his spleen on the journalist who only sought to quiz him about his performance in the last twenty years as a legislator.

The MP was first asked what he had achieved for his constituents since he went to Parliament in 1996.

‘When E.T. Mensah set foot in Ningo Prampram, electricity came. We have wired up 87 towns and villages in Ningo Prampram. When I came in, it was only the main Prampram that had limited electricity. Some of the elders who had money got a few poles and connect electricity to their houses. By then, we couldn’t count ten houses with electricity; and also at Old Ningo, W.C Nartey and co bought few poles. Rural electrification was the order of the day.’

The MP did not take kindly to Umaru Sanda’s suggestion that he cannot take credit for the central Government’s rural electrification project.

‘You are a funny character. When there is water to be fetched; if you don’t go to fetch your portion, will you have it? Even when manna was falling, people had to wake up early in the morning to go and collect their portion.’ he stated

When Umaru attempted to probe further, the MP tried to shout him down saying ‘Listen to me; if you want to be mischievous, I will be as well. I don’t want to talk to you; you want to talk to me so listen to me. You are talking to someone who is more experienced than you. Your questions must be decorous. You are not being decorous so accept it for us to go ahead. You wouldn’t allow me to answer the question but just interjecting and being mischievous. I championed the electrification of Ningo Prampram,’ he insisted.

The MP among things said he has lobbied and supported projects in education, health and road construction.

Asked about the poor nature of some roads in the constituency despite his twenty-year reign, the MP got infuriated because in his view, the question was not properly framed.

‘You cannot decide how I should answer the questions,’ he warned.

He later explained that the duty of an MP is not to construct roads but to lobby as he had done over the years.

Asked whether he promised the construction of roads and bridges in his campaigns, the MP flared up again saying ‘probably it is your brother who went to campaign to say those things. I have never and will never promise to fix roads. It is the babies who want to run who think that there is some money sitting somewhere that when they come they can fix the road. Every party goes into election with a manifesto and you campaign on that manifesto’.

On the use of his share of the District Assembly’s Common Fund, Mr. ET Mensah again flared up: ‘Come on; this boy you are being too naughty. Let me finish answering the question; don’t put words into my mouth. Common fund is not handed over to MPs to put in their drawers. You cannot determine how I answer the questions; you don’t know me that’s why you are behaving the way you are behaving’.

When he was asked to answer the questions, the MP replied ‘Shut up and let me answer the questions’.

Mr. E.T. Mensah had similarly attacked Sam George, a presidential staffer, who is seeking to unseat him in the party’s November 21 primaries.

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