Elorm Beenie announces 2nd book The Slum Poet on his birthday.

After a successful release of his first book – “Love Myelitis” by Partridge Publishing, USA – which is already selling in 130 international book stores including Apple Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd among others, Elorm Beenie, the Publicist Extraordinaire has dropped info about his second book “The Slum Poet” due for publishing soon.

The extra-hardworking but diminutive Publicist and Artiste Repertoire, Elorm Beenie, is gradually becoming a household name in Ghana Showbiz. Though not popular on the screens, he is one of the staunch brand managers and public relations officer for many Ghanaian Reggae & Dancehall artistes. He was the official PR for the Gramps Morgan (of Morgan Heritage) visit to Ghana this year’s and helped produce a documentary on him for his trip to Ghana.

Barely 3 months ago when he published his first book – “Love Myelitis” – a 332 page nonfiction on Parenting & Relationships, he has pulled another quick one on us with his new book titled “The Slum Poet”.

“The Slum Poet” he says, is an anthology he’s putting together to basically to celebrate the art of poetry (African). The unreleased book is rumoured to have a thick collection of poems from Elorm Beenie.

Some Ghanaian celebrities such as Samini, Edem, Kaakie, Ras Mubarak among others who have already endorsed his works.

“It is by no mistake that my birthday – March 21 – happens to be World Poetry Day – more like a calling I can’t hide or run away from. Poetry is nothing new to me. I began doing poetry from the church (New Apostolic Church) when I was young; right from crèche (Ho Model Nursery School), through elementary, Secondary School and through tertiary. I wouldn’t sound like a braggadocio but all who sat in the same classroom with me or attended the same church with me already know about my potentials in poetry (literature). I grew up to appreciate the works of senior and ancient African writers to fine-tune myself to fit into that spot. I’m just a beginner painting with words and symbols. I was touched to work on this anthology in 2013 when Africa lost one of its great writers, Chinua Achebe, who unfortunately but mysteriously does on my birthday – March 21 – which also doubles as World Poetry Day. The day o heard he passed away was more like a small voice whisper in my ears and said, Elorm it is now your turn to take up the mantle of your fathers and fore-parents. I’ve taken out time off my busy schedules in A&R activities to pen down a few thoughts into this anthology. It’s almost complete and die for publishing soon as my second book. I wish I could publish it on my birthday this year but I wouldn’t want to rush the work so I need to slow the pace a bit to cross my T’s and dot my I’s appropriately. This day happens to be my biological mother’s birthday too – she gave birth to me some decades ago on her birthday so we both share the same birthday. She’s one of my key motivators in African Literature. I can’t talk about this new project without acknowledging her. My first work, Love Myelitis, was well received by audience so I was inspired to drop this one too. At first I wasn’t willing to do any official launch for Love Myelitis in Ghana but several calls are pushing me to do a launch here in Ghana so I am looking into it, soon.”

Elorm Beenie wouldn’t tell when exactly this second book would be published; he would like to keep it a suspense just as he did for his first work “Love Myelitis” which is doing very well on the market and having great reviews from art critics.

Elorm Beenie is the official Publicist for Kaakie and Samini of HighGradeFamily as well as Edem of Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG). He is also one of the Executive Board Members of BASS Awards.

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