Egbert On NPP Potential Flagbearers: "Some of The Names Are Non-starters"

Although most of the 15 persons projected to run for the flagbearership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have not confirmed or denied their participation in the contest, Egbert Faibille Jnr., believes that “some of the names are non-starters”.

According to the Managing editor of the “Ghanaian Observer” newspaper, all the personalities envisaged to aspire to be Presidential candidates of the NPP are competent enough for the job. But, there are a few people on the list, he believes, would perform abysmal even if they should contest.

“Let me say without fear of equivocation that all the names that have come up are capable personalities. Very, very, very capable in their own right but I think that those names, some of them are based on pure speculation.

“…Some of the names are non-starters, as far as am concerned. I don’t want to mention names,” he opined.

Egbert Faibille who is a member of the Petitioners legal team and a Journalist further reiterated the fact that there would be an internal process to cut down on the number of contest to five, in accordance to the provisions of the NPP constitution.

With this provision, Mr. Faibille was of the view that “it is no longer the ability of finding the money and being able to pay for the filing fee and being able to meet the Constitutional requirement criteria. So even if 200 people come up that they want to run for President, me I don’t have a problem”.

He made this submission on Citi Fm over the weekend.


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Egbert On NPP Potential Flagbearers: "Some of The Names Are Non-starters"

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