EDEM Raising The Bar Higher With #BooksNRhymes

The Industry Perspective is a documentary that chronicles the history, legacy, hardwork & efforts put into Edem’s music career and most importantly, his second official album BooksNRhymes. Originally, inspired by some of the big cuts in music industry with the likes of Reggie Rockstone of VVIP fame, Bola Ray of Empire entertainment & Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu a senior lawyer.

In an exclusive interview in the documentary, Edem is more consistent, hardworking, & very talented. He further expressed his respect for Edem’s personality aside his music career. “Edem is what you call an upstand soldier. Whatever he has put his mind to, is what he does. He is a professional in every field he finds himself; when Edem is placed at the bank, he becomes the bank manger but when you place him at the beach, he becomes the lifeguard. One pressing fact about Edem is, his energy on stage is always up to standard when he’s performing for both large and few audience,” says Reggie RockStone, iconic Hiplife figure.

Bola Ray also gave his props to Edem. According to him, “you can’t mention music in Ghana without mentioning Edem. He’s one of the all time best musicians in Ghana. Edem is outstanding in his field, he’s brilliant when it comes to act, and he, should stand with giants and he concluded, Edem is a man who represents the definition of success and he also defines the spirit of not giving up.”

Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu, a senior lawyer, expressed so much joy as to how Edem has come a long way into the music industry and he being able to set and maintain his image. She’s so proud of Edem’s current upliftment and she knows “the future holds a lot of goodies for him despite his success.”

Reggie Rockstone, Bola Ray & Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu, eulogized Edem for doing immensely well these past years and also wished him success in his endeavors.

The Industry Perspective tells the story of how and why the Edem lives on.


The Industry Perspective’s documentary is a fascinating story that touches on many themes about Edem’s success. The Industry Perspective documentary was filmed, inventing something on the fringe of what was possible, and the documentary traces Edem’s diligent efforts through the fever-inducing headache and high-stakes marketing pressures in the music industry.

The team members come from diverse backgrounds and they treat each project individually, focusing on creating the best possible artistic effect.

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