EC’s Call For Electoral Reforms Is Total Rubbish – Karbo

Outspoken former National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Anthony Karbo has slammed calls to the various political parties by the Electoral Commission (EC) to submit suggestions for electoral reforms.

The issue of electoral reform was raised at the Supreme Court which heard the 2012 Election Petition after the apex court dismissed the petitioners case of irregularities which they claimed occurred during the 2012 polls.

The EC, upon the request by the apex court, entreated political parties to submit proposals for electoral reforms before the end of November.

But, according to Karbo, the EC’s credibility is now tainted so therefore, it does not have any moral rights to call for and lead discussions on reforms in the country’s electoral system. To him, nothing positive will come out of the EC’s move to reform the electoral system.

Speaking on Adom FM, Antony Karbo aka “Afghanistan” opined that, per the Supreme Court verdict, there was nothing wrong regarding the EC’s conduct of the 2012 presidential election.

“If the highest court of the land says they see no defect, and President Mahama was validly elected, what business do we have to talk about reforms? What are we going to talk about…over voting or to clarify the definition of over voting?

“…Per the Supreme Court ruling, we know what over voting is. It is not what Dr. Afari Gyan said or defined about over voting. During the elections, according to the Supreme Court Justices there is nothing like over voting as the NPP claimed. They (Supreme Court Justices) insisted there were no irregularities in 2012 polls. Some of us still have problems with the judgement,” he said.



EC’s Call For Electoral Reforms Is Total Rubbish – Karbo

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