EC’s Amadu must be punished for botched registration exercise- Gyampo

A Political Science Lecturer with the University of Ghana is calling for sanctions against one of the Deputy Commissioners of the Electoral Commission for supervising a botched voters registration exercise.

Dr Ransford Gyampo who is also a member of the Electoral Commission’s electoral review committee says Sulley Amadu must be penalised for approving what has been another embarrassing episode for the EC.

Sulley Amadu in a press statement released last week announced the commencement of the continuous voters registration exercise for persons who had just turned 18 and those who could not register when the last registration process was opened.

That singular action has landed the EC in a battle with the political parties who are claiming they were not consulted.

The parties quoted copiously articles from the Constitutional Instruments which suggested that before the EC undertakes any such registration exercise, the parties who are stakeholders must be informed.

It is not only the political parties who were not informed. It appears some of the Commissioners even at the Electoral Commission were not also consulted before the registration process was announced, Dr Gyampo hinted.

Dr. Afari Gyan who has had a reduced role at the commission ahead of his official retirement next month had to intervene with a counter press release Tuesday suspending the voters registration exercise.

The suspension comes in the wake of another gaffe by the Commission which resulted in the cancellation of the district level elections late last year.

Speaking to Joy News, Dr Ransford Gyampo said Sulley Amadu must not be left off the hook this time.

He said the suspension of the voters registration exercise highlights a “bigger problem” within the EC.

He said there have been cases of unilateral decisions taken by some Commission members and this does not auger well for the commission and minced no words in insisting Sulley Amadu’s “misdemeanor” is one of such cases.

He said it is about time public officers are held to account for their actions that ultimately bring embarrasment to their insitutions.

Dr Gyampo said the Commission is now suffering from “mistrust” among its members.

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