ECG to end localised outages by end of March

The Electricity Company of Ghana says localised power outages will cease by the end of March this year.

Many regions across the country and especially in Accra continue to experience power outages daily.

An intensified form of the outages, popularly known as dumsor has over the past four years crippled many businesses some of which had to rely on generator sets for their operations.

Several other people have lost their jobs because not all companies have been able to keep up.

Power Minister, Kwabena Donkor had no choice but to resign after his promise of ending the crisis by the end of December 2015 could not materialise.

However, in an exclusive interview with Joy News, Chief Executive Officer of ECG, Robert Dwamena said the current outages are as a result of faults developed within some distribution lines and equipment.

He told Joy News’ Francis Abban the situation will be resolved in the next two months.

“We are mindful of ensuring that we have reliable system in all our areas of operation. Because we went through the load management programme we were not able to measure the full demand of our customers.

“But now that we have constant supply and people are using all their appliances and this is showing up in the transformer loadings so we will be able to monitor,” he said.

He assured that “dumsor is not back, we will continue to have some challenges with the system but we believe that within the first quarter we should be able to strengthen our networks such that the system will be able to withstand the demands.”

Mr Dwamena however said the recent calls for the reduction in utility tariffs would not favour the ECG.

“It will be difficult, we asked for 102 percent and we were given 59, once we were not able to get what we requested for it means it will affect or operations.

“After these challenges we have we must not go back and the only thing we need to prevent this from happening is money.”

He pleaded with consumers to understand and appreciate the company’s efforts because it has no intention to “collect money for themselves but we want to use the monies that we generate from our operations to provide the comfort they need in their homes and to power their businesses.”

Story by Ghana | | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | [email protected]

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