EC Should Tell Ghanaians What Shortfalls They Noticed Before Asking For Reforms Input

A former National Youth Organiser of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr., has pooh-poohed the Electoral Commission (EC’s) call on the various political parties to present recommendations for Electoral reforms.

Kabila, as he is affectionately called, stated that before the EC’s request for recommendations can be accepted, the commission needs to tell Ghanaians what they found wrong with previous elections, especially the 2012 polls and what they intend to do about it.

According to him, if the EC sees nothing wrong with previous election elections, when the Political Parties forward their recommendation to them (EC), it may not be used and will be a waste of time.

“EC should tell us the shortfalls and what they have analysed in the previous elections before asking the political parties to bring in their input. Until that is done, there is no need for reform,” he said.

The EC has appealed to political parties and other stakeholders to bring proposals and recommendations for reforms in the country’s electoral system. The recommendations, according to them, must be within the context of the country’s existing laws and systems and must be submitted by the end of November.

But speaking on the issue on ‘Kokrokoo’, Kabila pontificated: “Electoral Commission cannot be that irresponsible. It cannot shirk its responsibilities. Political party representatives toiled, spent time and sacrificed to attend IPAC meetings organized by the EC …after and per the judgment that was given… their toil was useless because the CI 75 which was a reform to cure a certain mischief that has associated our election since 1992; where one person could vote more than once… was not used”.

He alluded that the money that was used in implementing the CI 75 could have been used for other developmental activities but it has gone wasted ‘by kind courtesy of the Electoral Commission.’


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EC Should Tell Ghanaians What Shortfalls They Noticed Before Asking For Reforms Input

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