EC Should Have Been Sanctioned For Causing Financial Loss To The State

The Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, Sammy Awuku says the 2016 general elections will be the survival of the fittest.

He explained that due to the court ruling on the just-ended election petition which, according to him, did not indicate whether there were any violations in last year’s Presidential elections or not, political parties in the nation would make the court their last resort.

He expressed surprise “if any political party will enter 2016 having court at the back of the mind.”

To him, the verdict by the Supreme Court Justices would create a situation where political parties together with the electorate will insist on knowing the detailed account of the elections at the polling stations in order to avert the possibility of having irregularities in the elections.

This, he noted on Oman FM, might ignite violence in the 2016 elections which could retrogress the country’s democracy.

“I am sad because democracy will suffer…The court should have also sanctioned the Electoral Commission for dereliction of duty. The court should have sanctioned the Electoral Commission for causing financial loss to the State,” he said.

Also, he advised the Members of Parliament who have their cases in the Supreme Court challenging the last year’s electoral results to withdraw them from the court because, to him, they are bound to fail.

“That is the prescription given to us in the judgment…The implications of the Supreme Court ruling, the rippling effects are that those who have filed their parliamentary issues at the court; they are likely to lose.”


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EC Should Have Been Sanctioned For Causing Financial Loss To The State

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