‘EC Boss Has Caused Financial Loss’

The Electoral Commission, led by its Chairperson, Mrs Charlotte Osei should be charged and prosecuted by the state for fraud and deliberately causing financial loss to the nation, according to the Media Network for Change, an anti-corruption media group based in Kumasi.

According to them, the EC and its chairman even before the public debate on the voters’ register last week had already decided against going for a new register, yet it went ahead and wasted the country’s resources and hosted the forum which will yield no results.

‘This is a deliberate waste of public funds and they should be charged for defrauding the state’, the Media Network for Change stated in a statement signed by its chairman, Richard Asante in Kumasi Wednesday.

The Network, again wants the various individuals and groups championing the cause for a new voters’ register for a credible general election in 2016 to proceed to court, since to them, it is obvious that the Commission had already made its mind to back the ruling NDC to retain the ‘dubious and fraudulent’ voters’ register.

According to the MNfC, the EC, per its chairperson’s remarks at the public forum on the voters’ register clearly shows that they are not ready to listen to the majority of Ghanaians, who have genuine and relevant reasons to call for new voters register for the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The Media group stated: “if Charlotte Osei thinks this is the way to show appreciation to the President and the government for her position, then she should know that she had already becomes a failure in the eyes of the public and had therefore, through this infamous singular act, eroded the confidence that Ghanaians had in her after her appointment as the EC Chair.”

To them, it cannot be true that the entrenched positions taken by the political parties would necessarily lead to electoral conflicts; rather what, could leads to conflict ‘is a compromised EC, who by their posture, have given a clear indication that they are ready to make NDC retain power, by using a ‘fraudulent’ voters register against the wish of the masses.’ On the final day of a debate on the pros and cons of getting a new voter’s register, Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei made a presentation and mounted a defence of the Electoral Commission’s systems.

She expressed fears that given the entrenched positions adopted by the two main political parties – NPP and NDC –collating a new voters’ register across the electoral areas could spark violence. And the Media group maintains that the Commission has made the VCR Crabbe’s Commission useless, even before their recommendations come out, stating that Mrs. Osei’s presentation has left most Ghanaians in disappointment, even before the panel comes out with its recommendations, the EC has made up its mind against preparing a new and credible register.

“It is so baffling to know that the EC has already pitched camp with a political party who as at now remains in a game of double-standard. The NDC party which has over the past months become a mouthpiece for the EC; championing the cause to retain the existing voters’ register simply because the bloated register had helped and will help their cause in rigging the 2016 election”, the MNfC noted.

The statement continued: “…the NDC which the EC is fighting for, by trying to retain this register is now burning voters’ register meant for their own internal Parliamentary Primaries, with their members ironically citing ghost names and bloated register for their bizarre lawlessness.”

According to the media group, the double-standard being exhibited by the governing NDC regarding this crucial subject clearly indicates that they are jokers ‘who are joking with the future of Ghanaians and as such we think the EC is paving the way for jokers to continue fool the nation.’

The group thinks it is rather the EC which is fanning an electoral conflict in Ghana as they have openly declare their biases, adding that such a singular act from Charlotte Osei will act as a recipe of chaos before during and after 2016 elections if the alleged 76,000 foreign names on the register is not tackled by the EC.

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