DVLA chief admits fraud delayed issuance of licenses; warns of sanctions

The Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, has admitted to massive fraud that has attended the issuance of licenses.

Rudolph Berkley says his outfit is investigating how part of 30,000 pieces of licenses are suspected to have been fraudulently issued.

According to him, some persons who are not qualified to be issued with the licenses, surprisingly are part of the 30,000 people itching to recieve their license.

The Authority has frozen the issuance of licenses, for the time being, as it investigates the matter.

Some officials at the Authority have attributed the freeze to a breakdown of equipment but the former Chief Executive of the Authority, Joe Osei Owusu blew the lid on alleged systematic fraud and which he said was responsible for the freeze.

Having headed the Authority, the MP said the Licensing Authority had the means to repair any equipment, a week after it breaks down.

He said it is untrue that the freeze in the issuance of the licenses had anything to do equipment breakdown.

The Bekwai MP said a comprehensive independent investigation conducted into the issuance of licenses reveals a fraudulent scheme that allows the licensing of drivers who are not qualified to drive on the road and investigation had necessitated the freeze.

Rudolph Berkley corroborated the assertions of the MP.

“It is not to do with broken down printers. As I speak with you now printers are still working.

“What the issue is actually is the fact that towards the end of last year we had an intelligence report to the effect that there were some other inclusions in our license production systems.

He said one criterion for a new license to be issued is for the applicant to go through a computer based test.

“As a result of the intelligence report we had to the effect that there are injections of date for the printing of licenses that are not in relation to the examination process.

“We need to conduct thorough assessment of the licenses we have printed already,” he said.

He said over 30,000 pieces of licenses are being scrutinised and “that was what caused the delay of the licenses that we are talking about and not to do with printers.”

He said out of 405 licenses printed at a particular station, 59 per cent is believed to have been printed illegally with names of people who had not taken the exams.

He said there will be prosecution once investigations are done.

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