Dumsor VigilA Non-Starter

So our “Celebrities ” will be holding a Dumsor vigil on the 16th of May. Hmm! Does that mean the Government will give us light or fix the crisis on 17th May? I am only being curious. I have watched and listened with Keen interest the battling of words, the writing of letters, the insults and the blame game that is going on with regards to this whole dumsor crisis. Clearly we are all tired and not happy with the current situation. To probably make matters worse is how our “Communications Expert” and his team of “Communicators” are responding to issues on the crisis.

This notwithstanding, Lydia Forson comparing the President to a dull school boy is neither here nor there. We may have our stance on this dumsor crisis but I think our celebrities should give Ghanaians a break! If Occupy Ghana and many cries from different angles did not fix the situation, what will a one night vigil do? Where were these celebrities when the crisis started? We all looked on unconcerned, making it an NPP/NDC thing. I think we should not only take delight in complaining about this current predicament but learn from it.

Come to think of it, do we seriously think that any human being in his/her right senses would wait to be insulted and humiliated about the same issue when they have immediate solutions to it? I don’t think so. Am sure if the President had an immediate solution to the crisis, he would have solved it by now; after all he is somebody’s husband, father, Uncle etc and as they say ” enimguase enfata Akan ni ba” We are all in this together so let’s fix it!

I think the whining and noise making would not solve the crisis. We have made this whole crisis an issue of political colours, relegating constructive input and sensible contributions to the backyard. We are so busy removing and flagging political colours that no one seems to be paying attention to Problem solvers and the ideas their bringing on board. Talk about Robert Wood, and we already have a solution.

I think we should just think outside the box for ones. We all as a people are to be blamed to an extent. The sad thing is that, in this country we excel in two things: Blaming people for our woes without looking at how we contributed to them and political witch-hunting. No wonder we are where we are. Universities, Corporate Institutions, Individuals, Government Agencies are all owing the ECG huge sums of money. Illegal connections and people evading payment of electricity bills are just but a few of the crimes been perpetuated against the ECG. Couldn’t all these have contributed to our dumsor woes? I stand to be corrected though.

A gentleman made a proposal to my co-tenant last week. He says he could connect her to two different phases so that she will always have light. He said he can also fix her Air Conditioner in such a way that she won’t pay for using it. The sad thing is that this guy works with ECG. He wants money for his pocket at the expense of the nation. There are many of us on this dubious connections yet we are quick to blame “government”. Who is government?

I am really Surprised at these celebrities you know? where were they when some of their colleagues were paid whooping sums of money as ambassadors to brazil? May be, they should organise a vigil demanding government to recoup that money and give it to VRA. Institutions don’t work in this country, they should organise a vigil and ask government to fix it. Dumsor vigil is non starter!

Let’s face it, this is affecting the patronage of movies right? I knew it! There is a hidden agenda. This has got nothing to do with fighting for the voiceless like my grandmother in the village or the market woman sitting in the sun. I was in my village in March for a Funeral and I enjoyed electricity better than leaving in my Odorkor Official Town residence. There are no illegal connections. People are not misusing the power they have. Period!

So we want what happened in 2008 to happen again? We get temporal solutions and what happens next? Wait for the next five years to be plunged into another darkness? If there can be a permanent solution, let’s all go for it. I need it, you need it, businesses need it, our next generations need it.

So am thinking, if our celebrities have suggestions to make the situation better in a day, they should go to the president. After all, they visited him when he was sworn in us a President? What prevents them now from going to the flagstaff house again? They should put their thoughts on paper and present them to the President. The Post on facebook and twitter with sarcastic comment won’t get us anywhere; Lydia Forson, Yvonne Nelson and their co. dumsor raiders should bring pragmatic solutions. That is what the nation needs now and not a vigil. Any tom, dick and harry can organise a vigil.

There are so many ways of registering displeasure but this whole social media dumsor campaign can only publicize our problems but not get us solutions. President Mahama knows us a country, we are disappointed at his administration and how they have handled this power crisis coupled with some economic challenges bedeviling the country.

Let’s do better than a vigil, stop politicizing this whole crisis and find pragmatic solutions.

I know you are already thinking of painting me in political colours, but before you do? Just pause and ponder.

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