Dumsor insults: Democracy has room for lunatic fringe but… Kweku Baako

Editor in Chief of the New Crusading Guide says even though the country’s democracy has space and room for ugly noises, including the voices of the “lunatic fringe”, there are occasions where silence is golden.

Kweku Baako Jnr admonished government spokespersons and others who appear not to be bothered about the power crisis or who are not in favour of the dumsormuststop vigil to be silent if they have nothing better to contribute.

His admonition follows a barrage of criticisms and blatant insults against organisers of the #dumsormuststop vigil scheduled for Saturday.

The vigil championed by celebrities is to protest a three year power crisis in Ghana that has had a deleterious effect on the country’s economic, health, education sectors.

But the decision to organise the vigil has not been taken lightly by some government spokespersons.

Halidu Haruna, a government communicator referred to the ladies as prostitutes but has since apologised for his comments.

The Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor, who has a responsibility to solve the power crisis, has also condemned the vigil organisers.

So has other leading members of the NDC.
Speaking on the matter on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme Saturday, Kweku Baako Jnr said:

“The democratic landscape that we have been building over the years has enough room and space for all citizens in terms of freedom of expression; all citizens including even the lunatic fringe. They are all entitled to talk. You can talk nonsense if you so wish. You can make ugly noises if you so wish. But i tell you something when it comes to certain issues silence is of therapeutic effect. It heals.

“Those who have nothing to say, or those who want to talk nonsense are advised to keep quiet,” he admonished.

Ga Traditional Council Intrusion
Mr Baako Jnr described as an “intrusion” attempts by the Ga Traditional Council to stop the vigil.

The Council had petitioned the police to stop the vigil claiming the Council had imposed a ban on drumming and noise making and suspects the vigil will create noise.

But Kweku Baako Jnr said the intervention by the Council lacked focus and legitimacy and has turned out to be an embarrassment.

He recalled attempts by the same institution to stop a demonstration when the NPP wanted to embark on the Yabre demonstration in 1999.

He reported the Traditional Council as saying they did not want bloodshed in Accra and hinted the Yabre demonstration may bring chaos.

“We held the demonstration eventually it was peaceful and nothing happened to their eternal embarrassment. As far as I am concerned the same thing has happened today. It was such an unnecessary intrusion,” he said.

Former Chief of Staff Nana Ato Dadzie appealed that the chieftaincy differences between the Ga Traditional Council and the La Traditional Council should be managed properly and not be connected to the dumsor.

He said if care is not taken there can be needless clashes between the two councils on the basis of the dumsor disagreements.

The vigil announcement triggered a boundary dispute between the two councils following a petition by the Ga Traditional Council asking the police to stop the vigil.

But the La Traditional Council said the venue for the vigil is within their jurisdiction and the Ga Traditional Council has no authority to stop the vigil.

The La Wulomo has even promised to be part of the vigil.

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